a calming energy technique

Developed by cynthia friedlob

About Me

I never expected to be a "healer." My professional background has been primarily in the arts. My education was traditional: a BA in Sociology and an MA in Mass Communications from the University of Denver. I have a strong belief in science and am highly skeptical of much alternative medicine. 

And yet . . .

I had indications and experiences of extra sensitivities and unusual abilities all the way back to my childhood and through my younger adult years. I have always had a strong sense of people's energy and can determine whether they are essentially calm or chaotic, beneficial to be around or necessary to avoid. I have always had a similar strong sense about environments. (Learn more on the HSP page.)

Then, almost thirty years ago, I had a health crisis that caused me to leave the stressful world of the entertainment industry and turn to making art. I also went on a quest to regain my health. I am grateful to be alive today because of Western medicine, but my exploration of alternative medicine at that time proved to be invaluable in its own way. 

I discovered my ability to channel energy when Maria Grove, an exceptional massage therapist and founder of The Touch Therapy Institute in Los Angeles, shared with me a technique that she had learned in Brazil to tap into what is known as the biofield. When she demonstrated the technique on me, I instantly felt the energy, but it took months of work to understand it. It took years of practice to gain confidence in what I could do with it. I refined the technique, at first by working on students who were training to be massage therapists, and then by working on family and friends. I have had numerous powerful experiences with biofield energy.

All these years later, I am still surprised by the effects of a Biofield Balancing treatment. I am also delighted! It's very rewarding to be able to offer something so beneficial and totally natural. It's my privilege to use it to contribute to your wellness.

You can learn more about me on my art website and my Facebook Page.


Biofield Balancing and other energy work is not well understood beyond anecdotal evidence. It is not medical treatment. I am not a licensed physician or other medical professional. I do not diagnose conditions, prescribe drugs or other substances, or perform medical treatment, nor do I interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. Biofield Balancing does not take the place of professional medical care and, like other complementary healing arts, it is not licensed by the State of California. If you are having physical or mental health problems, I urge you to consult a licensed medical professional. Please rely on Biofield Balancing only as a relaxation technique..