a calming energy technique

Developed by cynthia friedlob

The Treatment

What is the Treatment?

The session begins with a brief conversation that allows you the opportunity to present any special concerns you might have. You then lie down, fully clothed and face up, on the treatment table. The room is dimly lit and there is soft music playing. Every effort is made to ensure your comfort. 

I take a seat behind you, place my hands next to your head, and concentrate. Most people immediately feel a transfer of energy, but that feeling is not necessary for a positive result. I continue working with your biofield until it comes into balance. It is not necessary for me to touch you, but, with your permission, I may place my hands on your shoulders or move to your side and take your hand in mine. When I feel your energy flowing in a smooth circuit throughout your body, the session is done. At the conclusion of the session, I move to your feet and briefly hold my hands near them to confirm the free movement of energy.

You are then left alone to relax on the table for several minutes. Clients usually say that they feel like they've had a spa massage or experienced a deep meditative state. You'll be able to discuss your response with me before you leave.

You may find that you also have a response a day or two after the treatment. It's usually described as a "shift" in awareness, a feeling of connectedness.

Clients often experience physical pain relief. This can be attributed to the body's own natural healing mechanisms that are triggered by the deep state of relaxation achieved during the balancing treatment. 

It's not magic! The ability to sense and adjust the biofield is a gift and a skill that I've learned.

Your own body does the rest.


$75 Half-hour Treatment

Please allow additional time for rest and discussion. Full session is 45 to 50 minutes.